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Pineoakfarm.com is a boutique e-commerce site that offers a variety of home decor accessories, kitchen basics, entertaining essentials, and gourmet specialty foods. The products offered are items that fit a modern home decor while bringing true farmhouse country to your home.

Owner Mike Edwards named this site www.pineoakfarm.com in tribute to his family's farm.

The name Pine Oak Farm is derived from my family's farm located in Tennessee. The farm is well over 100 years old and has been in the family across four generations. The farm originated with many oak trees which are common in the area, however lining the winding road in front of the farm, are pine trees that were planted over 50 years ago. The farm has been restored with some modern finishes while still maintaining a strong country appeal. A family reunion occurs every Memorial Day where five generations of family come together to reflect on years past and the history and traditions that connect each of us as we live our lives going forward. This is the time when new generations get to experience and learn about family traditions and their heritage. Our family has a strong history of patriotic service dating back to the Civil War, for which we honor with a Pine Oak Farm Veterans Memorial.
Our company is located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, where our team is dedicated to providing you with a wonderful shopping experience, by combining great products with outstanding service.We also offer a multi-level affiliate program that provides an opportunity to earn an income by just sharing your affiliate website URL (i.e. yoursite.pineoakfarm.com) and generating sales.
Thanks for stopping by our site and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service as follows:

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